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actin-based cell projection +   
apical plasma membrane +   
apical plasma membrane urothelial plaque  
apicolateral plasma membrane  
basal plasma membrane +   
basolateral plasma membrane  
caveola neck  
cell hair 
cell projection membrane +   
The portion of the plasma membrane surrounding a plasma membrane bounded cell surface projection.
cellularization cleavage furrow +   
cilium +   
clathrin-coated pit +   
cleavage furrow +   
dendritic cell dendrite 
dinoflagellate peduncle 
glial cell projection +   
hinge region between urothelial plaques of apical plasma membrane  
lamellipodium +   
macropinocytic cup +   
mating projection +  
muscle cell projection +   
neuron projection +   
pellicular membrane 
periciliary membrane compartment  
photoreceptor inner segment membrane  
plasma membrane bounded cell projection cytoplasm +   
plasma membrane of cell tip +  
plasma membrane raft +   
plasma membrane-derived thylakoid membrane 
podocyte foot  
podocyte primary projection 
pollen tube +  
pseudopodium +   
rhabdomere +   
root hair +  
ruffle +   
sperm head plasma membrane  
synaptic membrane +   
uropod +   

Related Synonyms: membrane extension ;   membrane projection
Definition Sources: GOC:krc, GOC:mah

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