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cardiac neuron development 
cell morphogenesis involved in neuron differentiation +   
central nervous system neuron development +   
cerebellar neuron development +   
cilium organization +   
inner ear receptor cell development +   
lamellipodium organization +   
microvillus organization +   
neuromast hair cell development +   
neuron development involved in amphid sensory organ development +  
neuron maturation +   
neuron projection development +   
The process whose specific outcome is the progression of a neuron projection over time, from its formation to the mature structure. A neuron projection is any process extending from a neural cell, such as axons or dendrites (collectively called neurites).
neuron projection organization +   
neuron recognition +   
non-sensory hair organization +  
noradrenergic neuron development  
olfactory bulb interneuron development +   
olfactory bulb tufted cell development 
peripheral nervous system neuron development +   
photoreceptor cell development +   
plasma membrane bounded cell projection assembly +   
pseudopodium organization +   
regulation of plasma membrane bounded cell projection organization +   
ruffle organization +   
thyroid-stimulating hormone-secreting cell development 
uropod organization +   

Narrow Synonyms: neurite biosynthesis ;   neurite development ;   neurite formation ;   neurite growth ;   neurite outgrowth
Definition Sources: GOC:mah

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