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gene silencing by RNA +   
A process in which an RNA molecule reduces expression of target genes. This can occur pre-transcriptionally by assembly of heterochromatin and prevention of transcription or co- or post-transcriptionally by targeting RNAs for degradation or by interfering with splicing or translation. This process starts once the inhibitory RNA molecule has been transcribed, and includes processing of the RNA such as cleavage, modifications, transport from the nucleus to the cytoplasm, loading onto the RISC complex, and the effect on transcription or translation.
mRNA catabolic process +   
negative regulation of cytokine production +   
negative regulation of gene expression, epigenetic +   
negative regulation of miRNA maturation +   
negative regulation of oxytocin production 
negative regulation of production of molecular mediator of immune response +   
negative regulation of protein maturation +   
negative regulation of RNA splicing +   
negative regulation of rRNA processing  
negative regulation of snoRNA processing 
negative regulation of translation +   
negative regulation of tRNA processing 
post-transcriptional gene silencing +   
suppression by virus of host gene expression +  

Exact Synonyms: RNA-mediated gene silencing
Definition Sources: PMID:15020054

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