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nucleus +     
ascospore-type prospore nucleus 
dense nuclear body 
generative cell nucleus 
germ cell nucleus +   
left nucleus 
megasporocyte nucleus +  
A membrane-bounded organelle of ciliated protozoan cells that contains a diploid copy of the cell's complete genome. Sections of contiguous sequence in the macronucleus are often interrupted by internal eliminated sequences (IES), and may be permuted, in micronuclei. Genic transcription is not found in micronuclei. Some ciliate species may contain multiple micronuclei per cell.
microsporocyte nucleus 
mitotic nuclear bridge +  
nuclear envelope +   
nuclear inclusion body +   
nuclear lumen +   
nuclear microtubule  
nuclear protein-containing complex +   
nuclear stress granule  
nucleus lagging edge 
nucleus leading edge 
primary endosperm nucleus 
pronucleus +   
retrotransposon nucleocapsid 
right nucleus 

Xrefs: Wikipedia:Micronucleus
Definition Sources: GOC:ns

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