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granulocyte differentiation (GO:0030851)
Annotations: Rat: (44) Mouse: (48) Human: (45) Chinchilla: (41) Bonobo: (41) Dog: (43) Squirrel: (41) Pig: (43)
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granulocyte differentiation +   
The process in which a myeloid precursor cell acquires the specialized features of a granulocyte. Granulocytes are a class of leukocytes characterized by the presence of granules in their cytoplasm. These cells are active in allergic immune reactions such as arthritic inflammation and rashes. This class includes basophils, eosinophils and neutrophils.
macrophage differentiation +   
mast cell differentiation +   
mature conventional dendritic cell differentiation  
monocyte differentiation +   
myeloid dendritic cell differentiation +   
negative regulation of myeloid leukocyte differentiation +   
osteoclast differentiation +   
positive regulation of myeloid leukocyte differentiation +   
regulation of myeloid leukocyte differentiation +   

Exact Synonyms: granulocyte cell differentiation
Definition Sources: GOC:ecd,

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