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pseudocleavage involved in syncytial blastoderm formation (GO:0030589)
Annotations: Rat: (0) Mouse: (0) Human: (0) Chinchilla: (0) Bonobo: (0) Dog: (0) Squirrel: (0) Pig: (0)
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amnioserosa maintenance 
dorsal closure +  
first cell cycle pseudocleavage 
garland nephrocyte differentiation 
germ-band shortening 
head involution 
pseudocleavage involved in syncytial blastoderm formation 
Formation of furrows in the cytoplasm between nuclei during cell cycles in embryos that contribute to the formation of the syncytial blastoderm. An example of this process is found in Drosophila melanogaster.
syncytial nuclear migration +  

Related Synonyms: pseudocleavage during syncytial blastoderm formation
Definition Sources: GOC:mtg_sensu

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