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transmembrane transporter activity (GO:0022857)
Annotations: Rat: (1148) Mouse: (1084) Human: (1168) Chinchilla: (734) Bonobo: (961) Dog: (1121) Squirrel: (966) Pig: (1087)
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lipid transporter activity +   
protein transporter activity +   
transmembrane transporter activity +   
Enables the transfer of a substance, usually a specific substance or a group of related substances, from one side of a membrane to the other.

Related Synonyms: substrate-specific transmembrane transporter activity ;   substrate-specific transporter activity ;   uptake permease activity ;   uptake transmembrane transporter activity
Alternate IDs: GO:0005386 ;   GO:0015563 ;   GO:0015646 ;   GO:0022891 ;   GO:0022892
Xrefs: Reactome:R-HSA-5638209 "Defective SLC2A9 does not transport Fru, Glc, urate" ;   reactome:R-HSA-1236947 "Egress of internalized antigen to the cytosol via sec61" ;   reactome:R-HSA-429036 "SLC2A9 transports Fru, Glc, urate" ;   reactome:R-HSA-5671707 "Fe3+ dissociates from SLC22A17:LCN2:2,5DHBA" ;   reactome:R-HSA-6784434 "An unknown carrier transports cytosolic glyoxylate to the peroxisome" ;   reactome:R-HSA-6784436 "An unknown carrier transports mitochondrial glyoxylate to the cytosol"
Definition Sources: GOC:jid, GOC:mtg_transport, ISBN:0815340729

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