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forebrain regionalization (GO:0021871)
Annotations: Rat: (27) Mouse: (27) Human: (27) Chinchilla: (27) Bonobo: (26) Dog: (27) Squirrel: (27) Pig: (27)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
regionalization +     
adaxial/abaxial pattern specification +   
anterior/posterior pattern specification +   
bud field specification 
cell proliferation in forebrain +   
centrolateral pattern formation +  
cerebral cortex neuron differentiation +   
cerebral cortex regionalization  
chorion-containing eggshell pattern formation 
cuticle pattern formation +  
diencephalon development +   
dorsal/ventral pattern formation +   
forebrain astrocyte differentiation +   
forebrain cell migration +   
forebrain generation of neurons +   
forebrain morphogenesis +   
forebrain regionalization +   
The regionalization process resulting in the creation of areas within the forebrain that will direct the behavior of cell migration in differentiation as the forebrain develops.
formation of animal organ boundary +   
ground tissue pattern formation 
imaginal disc pattern formation +  
imaginal disc-derived wing vein specification +  
left/right pattern formation +   
limb epidermis stratification +  
limbic system development +   
midbrain-hindbrain boundary initiation  
neural plate regionalization +   
neural tube patterning +   
periodic partitioning +  
petal epidermis patterning 
proximal/distal pattern formation +   
R8 cell-mediated photoreceptor organization 
radial pattern formation +   
regionalization involved in semicircular canal formation 
renal capsule specification +   
segmentation +   
specification of animal organ identity +   
specification of animal organ position  
specification of ovule identity 
specification of plant organ identity +  
specification of plant organ number +  
specification of plant organ position 
spinal cord patterning +   
stomatal complex patterning +  
telencephalon development +   
telencephalon regionalization +   
trichome patterning +  
tripartite regional subdivision +   
ventral midline determination  
vertebrate eye-specific patterning  
wing and notum subfield formation +  
xylem and phloem pattern formation +  

Definition Sources: GO_REF:0000021, GOC:cls, GOC:dgh, GOC:dph, GOC:isa_complete, GOC:jid, PMID:16226447

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