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symbiont-containing vacuole membrane (GO:0020005)
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host apoplast 
host caveola 
host cell envelope +  
host cell junction +  
host cell membrane +  
host cell membrane pore complex 
host cell periphery 
host cell periplasmic space 
host cell postsynaptic membrane 
host cell presynaptic membrane 
host cell projection +  
host cell surface  
host cell synapse +  
host cell wall 
host intracellular part +  
host intracellular region +  
host peribacteroid fluid 
host peribacteroid membrane 
pathogen-containing vacuole +  
symbiont-containing vacuolar membrane network 
symbiont-containing vacuolar space 
symbiont-containing vacuole membrane +  
The lipid bilayer surrounding a symbiont-containing vacuole, derived from both the host and symbiont.
viral factory +  

Exact Synonyms: parasitophorous vacuolar membrane
Definition Sources: GOC:jl, GOC:mb

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