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symbiont-containing vacuole (GO:0020003)
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cytoplasmic viral factory +  
double membrane vesicle viral factory lumen 
extracellular vesicle +   
host cell cytoplasmic vesicle +  
host cell cytoplasmic vesicle membrane +  
host cell cytosol 
host cell endoplasmic reticulum +  
host cell endoplasmic reticulum lumen 
host cell endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi intermediate compartment +  
host cell endosome +  
host cell endosome lumen 
host cell Golgi apparatus +  
host cell lipid droplet 
host cell lysosome +  
host cell mitochondrial envelope +  
host cell mitochondrial intermembrane space 
host cell mitochondrion +  
host cell perinuclear region of cytoplasm 
host cell peroxisome 
host cell plastid +  
host symbiosome +  
host thylakoid +  
host thylakoid membrane +  
infected host cell surface knob 
Maurer's cleft 
symbiont-containing vacuole +   
Membrane-bounded vacuole within a host cell in which a symbiont organism resides. The vacuole membrane is derived from both the host and symbiont.
tubovesicular membrane network 

Exact Synonyms: SCV ;   parasitophorous vacuole
Synonyms: Not4Curation
Narrow Synonyms: Salmonella-containing vacuole ;   bacterium-containing vacuole ;   pathogen-occupied vacuole
Definition Sources: GOC:jl, GOC:mb

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