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aldaric acid catabolic process (GO:0019579)
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10-formyltetrahydrofolate catabolic process  
5,6,7,8-tetrahydromethanopterin catabolic process 
actinorhodin catabolic process 
aldaric acid biosynthetic process +  
aldaric acid catabolic process +  
The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the breakdown of aldaric acid, any dicarboxylic acid formed by oxidation of by the terminal groups of an aldose to carboxyl group.
asparagine biosynthetic process from oxaloacetate 
aspartate catabolic process +   
cellular carbohydrate catabolic process +   
folic acid catabolic process  
galactarate metabolic process +  
glucarate metabolic process +  
glutamate catabolic process +   
glycolytic process +   
L-altrarate metabolic process +  
malonate catabolic process  
monosaccharide catabolic process +   
oligosaccharide catabolic process +   
oxalate catabolic process 
polysaccharide catabolic process +   
prephenate(2-) catabolic process 
quinolinate catabolic process  
regulation of carbohydrate catabolic process +   

Exact Synonyms: aldaric acid breakdown ;   aldaric acid catabolism ;   aldaric acid degradation
Definition Sources: ISBN:0198506732

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