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aerobic respiration, using nitrite as electron donor (GO:0019332)
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2-nitropropane metabolic process +  
acrylonitrile metabolic process +  
aerobic electron transport chain +   
aerobic respiration, using ammonia as electron donor 
aerobic respiration, using arsenite as electron donor 
aerobic respiration, using carbon monoxide as electron donor 
aerobic respiration, using ferrous ions as electron donor 
aerobic respiration, using hydrogen as electron donor 
aerobic respiration, using nitrite as electron donor 
The oxidation of nitrite (NO2) to nitrate (NO3), using oxygen (O2) as the electron acceptor. Nitrite oxidation is the final step in nitrification, the oxidation of ammonia to nitrate, and nitrite oxidoreductase (NOR) is the key enzyme complex that catalyzes the conversion of nitrite to nitrate in nitrite oxidizing species.
aerobic respiration, using sulfur or sulfate as electron donor 
alternative respiration 
amino-acid betaine metabolic process +   
anaerobic respiration, using ammonium as electron donor 
benzonitrile metabolic process 
carbamoyl phosphate metabolic process +   
cellular amide metabolic process +   
cellular amine metabolic process +   
cellular nitrogen compound biosynthetic process +   
cellular nitrogen compound catabolic process +   
cyanate metabolic process +   
cyanide metabolic process +  
flavin-containing compound metabolic process +   
imidazole-containing compound metabolic process +   
indole-containing compound metabolic process +   
isoquinoline alkaloid metabolic process +   
lead sulfide oxidation 
methanogenesis +  
nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process +   
paclitaxel metabolic process +  
purine-containing compound metabolic process +   
pyridine-containing compound metabolic process +   
pyrimidine-containing compound metabolic process +   
regulation of aerobic respiration  
tricarboxylic acid cycle +   

Broad Synonyms: nitrite oxidation
Xrefs: MetaCyc:P282-PWY
Definition Sources: MetaCyc:P282-PWY

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