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adaptive thermogenesis +   
antibiotic metabolic process +   
biosynthetic process +   
catabolic process +   
catabolite repression +  
cellular metabolic process +   
collagen metabolic process +   
demethylation +   
futile creatine cycle  
glycosylation +   
hormone metabolic process +   
hydrogen metabolic process +  
iron-sulfur-molybdenum cofactor metabolic process +  
methylation +   
modulation of formation of structure involved in a symbiotic process +  
negative regulation of biological process +   
negative regulation of metabolic process +   
nicotine metabolic process +   
nitrogen compound metabolic process +   
organic substance metabolic process +   
phosphinothricin metabolic process +  
pigment metabolic process +   
positive regulation of biological process +   
positive regulation of metabolic process +   
primary metabolic process +   
prosthetic group metabolic process +   
regulation of action potential +   
regulation of asexual reproduction +  
regulation of biological process involved in symbiotic interaction +   
regulation of cellular pH reduction +   
regulation of cellular process +   
regulation of circadian rhythm +   
regulation of conjugation with cellular fusion +  
regulation of developmental process +   
regulation of growth +   
regulation of hemostasis +   
regulation of immune system process +   
regulation of localization +   
regulation of locomotion +   
regulation of membrane hyperpolarization +   
regulation of membrane repolarization +   
regulation of metabolic process +   
Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of the chemical reactions and pathways within a cell or an organism.
regulation of multicellular organismal process +   
regulation of pigmentation +   
regulation of plasma lipoprotein particle levels +   
regulation of reproductive process +   
regulation of response to stimulus +   
regulation of signaling +   
regulation of viral process +   
respiratory burst +   
secondary metabolic process +   
signaling +   
small molecule metabolic process +   
tartrate metabolic process +  
tyrocidine metabolic process +  

Exact Synonyms: regulation of metabolism
Narrow Synonyms: regulation of multicellular organismal metabolic process ;   regulation of organismal metabolic process
Alternate IDs: GO:0044246
Definition Sources: GOC:go_curators

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