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peptidyl-serine phosphopantetheinylation (GO:0018070)
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C-terminal peptidyl-serine amidation 
GPI anchor biosynthetic process via N-seryl-glycosylphosphatidylinositolethanolamine 
GSI anchor biosynthetic process via N-seryl-glycosylsphingolipidinositolethanolamine 
iron incorporation into iron-sulfur cluster via bis-L-cysteinyl-L-N3'-histidino-L-serinyl tetrairon tetrasulfide 
iron incorporation into iron-sulfur cluster via hexakis-L-cysteinyl L-serinyl octairon heptasulfide 
iron incorporation into iron-sulfur cluster via tris-L-cysteinyl L-cysteine persulfido L-glutamato L-histidino L-serinyl nickel triiron disulfide trioxide 
iron incorporation into iron-sulfur cluster via tris-L-cysteinyl-L-serinyl tetrairon tetrasulfide 
microcin E492 biosynthetic process by siderophore ester modification of peptidyl-serine 
molybdenum incorporation via L-serinyl molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide 
N-terminal peptidyl-serine acetylation +   
N-terminal peptidyl-serine methylation +   
peptide cross-linking via (2R,6R)-lanthionine 
peptide cross-linking via 2-amino-3-isothiazolidinone-L-serine 
peptide cross-linking via chondroitin 4-sulfate glycosaminoglycan  
peptide cross-linking via glycine oxazolecarboxylic acid 
peptide cross-linking via L-cysteine oxazolecarboxylic acid 
peptide cross-linking via L-cysteine oxazolinecarboxylic acid 
peptide cross-linking via L-lysinoalanine 
peptide cross-linking via L-serine thiazolecarboxylic acid 
peptide cross-linking via L-seryl-5-imidazolinone glycine 
peptide cross-linking via S-(2-aminovinyl)-D-cysteine 
peptide cross-linking via sn-(2S,6R)-lanthionine 
peptidyl-dehydroalanine biosynthetic process from peptidyl-tyrosine or peptidyl-serine 
peptidyl-L-3-oxoalanine biosynthetic process from peptidyl-cysteine or peptidyl-serine 
peptidyl-lactic acid biosynthetic process from peptidyl-serine 
peptidyl-O-(sn-1-glycerophosphoryl)-L-serine biosynthetic process from peptidyl-serine 
peptidyl-serine ADP-ribosylation  
peptidyl-serine decanoylation 
peptidyl-serine O-acetylation 
peptidyl-serine O-glucuronidation 
peptidyl-serine octanoylation  
peptidyl-serine palmitoylation 
peptidyl-serine phosphopantetheinylation 
The phosphopantetheinylation of peptidyl-serine to form peptidyl-O-phosphopantetheine-L-serine.
peptidyl-serine phosphorylation +   
peptidyl-serine sulfation 
protein O-linked glycosylation via serine +   
protein-chondroitin sulfate linkage via chondroitin sulfate D-glucuronyl-D-galactosyl-D-galactosyl-D-xylosyl-L-serine 
protein-dermatan sulfate linkage via dermatan 4-sulfate D-glucuronyl-D-galactosyl-D-galactosyl-D-xylosyl-L-serine 
protein-DNA covalent cross-linking via peptidyl-serine 
protein-heparan sulfate linkage via heparan sulfate D-glucuronyl-D-galactosyl-D-galactosyl-D-xylosyl-L-serine 
protein-phosphoribosyl dephospho-coenzyme A linkage +  
RNA-protein covalent cross-linking via peptidyl-serine 

Xrefs: RESID:AA0150
Definition Sources: RESID:AA0150

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