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amino acid binding +     
cation binding +     
3-sulfino-L-alanine binding 
acetylcholine binding  
ammonium ion binding 
AMP binding  
arginine binding  
aspartate binding  
chitosan binding 
choline binding  
cocaine binding  
dopamine binding  
glutamate binding  
glycine binding  
Binding to glycine, aminoethanoic acid.
histamine binding  
L-cysteine binding 
L-DOPA binding  
leucine binding  
metal ion binding +   
norepinephrine binding  
phosphatidylcholine binding  
proline binding 
proton binding 
putrescine binding  
pyridoxal binding  
pyridoxamine binding 
S-adenosyl-L-methionine binding  
serine binding  
serotonin binding  
spermidine binding  
thiamine binding  
thiamine pyrophosphate binding  
tryptophan binding 
tyrosine binding  

Exact Synonyms: Gly binding ;   aminoacetic acid binding ;   aminoethanoic acid binding
Definition Sources: GOC:ai

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