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protein processing +     
activation of plasma proteins involved in acute inflammatory response +   
CAAX-box protein processing  
dibasic protein processing +   
mitochondrial protein processing +   
negative regulation of protein processing +   
Notch receptor processing, ligand-independent 
positive regulation of protein processing +   
protein autoprocessing  
Processing which a protein carries out itself. This involves actions such as the autolytic removal of residues to generate the mature form of the protein.
protein initiator methionine removal involved in protein maturation 
protein processing in phagocytic vesicle +   
protein splicing +   
regulation of protein processing +   
signal peptide processing +   
signaling receptor ligand precursor processing +   
sterol regulatory element binding protein cleavage +   
vacuolar protein processing  
zymogen activation +   

Definition Sources: GOC:ai, PMID:9335337

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