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phytosteroid catabolic process (GO:0016130)
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(17Z)-protosta-17(20),24-dien-3beta-ol catabolic process 
(R)-mevalonic acid catabolic process 
2,5-dihydroxypyridine catabolic process +  
achromobactin catabolic process 
ajmaline catabolic process 
alcohol catabolic process +   
androgen catabolic process  
brassinosteroid metabolic process +   
brexanolone catabolic process  
C21-steroid hormone catabolic process +   
cyanuric acid catabolic process 
ecdysteroid catabolic process +  
ergosterol metabolic process +  
ergosteryl 3-beta-D-glucoside catabolic process 
estrogen catabolic process  
glucocorticoid catabolic process +   
glycyrrhetinate catabolic process 
helvolic acid catabolic process 
lactate catabolic process +   
leukotriene B4 catabolic process  
mandelate catabolic process +  
mineralocorticoid catabolic process +  
phenol-containing compound catabolic process +   
phytosteroid biosynthetic process +   
phytosteroid catabolic process +  
The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the breakdown of phytosteroids, steroids that differ from animal steroids in having substitutions at C24 and/or a double bond at C22. Phytosteroids are so named because they occur in higher plants; some, notably ergosterol, are also found in fungi.
pyridoxal phosphate catabolic process  
quercetin catabolic process 
shikimate catabolic process 
sterol catabolic process +   
terrequinone A catabolic process 
vitamin D catabolic process +   

Exact Synonyms: phytosteroid breakdown ;   phytosteroid catabolism ;   phytosteroid degradation
Definition Sources: GOC:go_curators, GOC:mah

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