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2-nitropropane catabolic process 
acetylcholine catabolic process +   
acetylenic compound catabolic process +  
aldehyde catabolic process +   
alkanesulfonate catabolic process +  
arugosin catabolic process 
austinol catabolic process 
betaine aldehyde catabolic process 
candicidin catabolic process 
carbohydrate catabolic process +   
carbohydrate derivative catabolic process +   
cellular lipid metabolic process +   
cyanide catabolic process 
dehydroaustinol catabolic process 
dimethylsulfoniopropionate catabolic process 
emericellamide metabolic process +  
ether catabolic process +   
fatty acid derivative metabolic process +   
flavonoid catabolic process +   
halogenated hydrocarbon catabolic process +  
hydrocarbon catabolic process +   
jasmonic acid metabolic process +  
ketone catabolic process +   
lipid biosynthetic process +   
lipid catabolic process +   
The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the breakdown of lipids, compounds soluble in an organic solvent but not, or sparingly, in an aqueous solvent.
liposaccharide metabolic process +   
macromolecule catabolic process +   
methyl-branched fatty acid metabolic process +   
monounsaturated fatty acid metabolic process +   
negative regulation of lipid metabolic process +   
olefinic compound catabolic process +   
organic acid catabolic process +   
organic cyclic compound catabolic process +   
organic hydroxy compound catabolic process +   
organomercury catabolic process +  
organonitrogen compound catabolic process +   
organophosphate catabolic process +   
organosilicon catabolic process +  
poly(hydroxyalkanoate) biosynthetic process from fatty acid 
polyketide catabolic process +  
positive regulation of lipid metabolic process +   
regulation of lipid metabolic process +   
S-adenosylmethionine catabolic process +  
steroid metabolic process +   
thiocyanate catabolic process 
Z-phenylacetaldoxime catabolic process 

Exact Synonyms: lipid breakdown ;   lipid catabolism ;   lipid degradation ;   lipolysis
Narrow Synonyms: multicellular organism lipid catabolic process ;   multicellular organismal lipid catabolic process
Alternate IDs: GO:0006724 ;   GO:0044240
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Lipid_catabolism
Definition Sources: GOC:go_curators

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