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secondary neural tube formation (GO:0014021)
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embryonic heart tube formation +   
nephron tubule formation +   
neural tube formation +   
primary neural tube formation +   
roof plate formation  
secondary neural tube formation 
The formation of the neural tube by coalescence of mesenchymal cells followed by their conversion to epithelial cells to form a solid cord that subsequently hollows out (cavitates) to create a hollow tube. Secondary neurulation is the typical mechanism of formation of the neural tube posterior to the posterior neuropore in mammals.

Exact Synonyms: medullary cord biosynthesis ;   medullary cord formation ;   secondary neurulation
Related Synonyms: medullary rod cavitation ;   neural rod formation ;   secondary neural tube rod cavitation
Alternate IDs: GO:0014026 ;   GO:0014027
Only In Taxon: NCBITaxon:40674 ! Mammalia
Definition Sources: GOC:ef, ISBN:0878932585, PMID:15327780

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