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regulation of glucan biosynthetic process (GO:0010962)
Annotations: Rat: (31) Mouse: (31) Human: (34) Chinchilla: (30) Bonobo: (30) Dog: (31) Squirrel: (30) Pig: (33)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
alpha-glucan biosynthetic process +  
beta-glucan biosynthetic process +  
glycogen biosynthetic process +   
negative regulation of cellular carbohydrate metabolic process +   
negative regulation of cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process +   
osmoregulated periplasmic glucan biosynthetic process 
positive regulation of cellular carbohydrate metabolic process +   
pullulan biosynthetic process 
regulation of 4,6-pyruvylated galactose residue biosynthetic process 
regulation of alpha-glucan metabolic process +  
regulation of ascospore wall chitin biosynthetic process 
regulation of beta-glucan metabolic process +  
regulation of capsule polysaccharide biosynthetic process +  
regulation of cellobiose metabolic process +  
regulation of cellular carbohydrate catabolic process +   
regulation of cellular glucuronidation +   
regulation of chitin biosynthetic process +  
regulation of glucan biosynthetic process +   
Any process that modulates the rate, frequency, or extent of glucan biosynthesis. Glucan biosynthetic processes are the chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the formation of glucans, polysaccharides consisting only of glucose residues.
regulation of glucose metabolic process +   
regulation of glucosinolate biosynthetic process 
regulation of glycoprotein biosynthetic process +   
regulation of glyoxylate cycle +  
regulation of hemicellulose catabolic process +  
regulation of hemoglobin biosynthetic process +   
regulation of hyaluronan biosynthetic process +   
regulation of inositol biosynthetic process +  
regulation of inositol phosphate biosynthetic process +   
regulation of isopentenyl diphosphate biosynthetic process, methylerythritol 4-phosphate pathway +  
regulation of lactose biosynthetic process +  
regulation of pectin biosynthetic process 
regulation of protein geranylgeranylation +   
regulation of protein lipidation +   
regulation of starch metabolic process +  
regulation of translation +   
regulation of trehalose metabolic process +  
regulation of xylan catabolic process +  
regulation of xyloglucan metabolic process +  
starch biosynthetic process +  
xyloglucan biosynthetic process 

Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:tb

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