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regulation of necrotic cell death (GO:0010939)
Annotations: Rat: (40) Mouse: (40) Human: (43) Chinchilla: (37) Bonobo: (39) Dog: (38) Squirrel: (37) Pig: (40)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
negative regulation of cell death +   
negative regulation of necrotic cell death +   
positive regulation of cell death +   
positive regulation of necrotic cell death +   
programmed necrotic cell death +   
regulation of necrotic cell death +   
Any process that modulates the rate, frequency or extent of necrotic cell death. Necrotic cell death is a cell death process that is morphologically characterized by a gain in cell volume (oncosis), swelling of organelles, plasma membrane rupture and subsequent loss of intracellular contents.
regulation of neuron death +   
regulation of oxidative stress-induced cell death +   
regulation of programmed cell death +   

Definition Sources: PMID:16507998

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