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regulation of chromatin assembly (GO:0010847)
Annotations: Rat: (43) Mouse: (35) Human: (35) Chinchilla: (28) Bonobo: (31) Dog: (31) Squirrel: (29) Pig: (32)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
co-transcriptional chromatin reassembly 
DNA replication-dependent chromatin assembly  
DNA replication-independent chromatin assembly +   
heterochromatin assembly +   
negative regulation of actin cortical patch assembly 
negative regulation of chromatin assembly or disassembly +   
nucleosome assembly +   
nucleosome positioning  
positive regulation of cellular component biogenesis +   
positive regulation of chromatin assembly or disassembly +   
regulation of actin filament bundle assembly +   
regulation of ascospore-type prospore membrane formation +  
regulation of cell junction assembly +   
regulation of cell projection assembly +   
regulation of cell septum assembly +  
regulation of chromatin assembly +   
Any process the modulates the frequency, rate or extent of chromatin assembly. Chromatin assembly is the assembly of DNA, histone proteins, and other associated proteins into chromatin structure, beginning with the formation of the basic unit, the nucleosome, followed by organization of the nucleosomes into higher order structures, ultimately giving rise to a complex organization of specific domains within the nucleus.
regulation of chromatin disassembly  
regulation of clathrin-coated pit assembly +   
regulation of cytokinesis, actomyosin contractile ring assembly +   
regulation of dense core granule biogenesis +   
regulation of establishment of actomyosin contractile ring localization +  
regulation of extracellular matrix assembly +   
regulation of fungal-type cell wall biogenesis +  
regulation of hyaluranon cable assembly +   
regulation of inclusion body assembly +   
regulation of iron-sulfur cluster assembly +   
regulation of linear element assembly +  
regulation of organelle assembly +   
regulation of protein-containing complex assembly +   
regulation of ribosome biogenesis +   
regulation of secondary cell septum biogenesis +  
regulation of secondary cell wall biogenesis +  
regulation of sphingolipid biosynthetic process +   
regulation of synaptonemal complex assembly +  
regulation of t-circle formation +   

Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:tb

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