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telomere maintenance via telomere lengthening (GO:0010833)
Annotations: Rat: (79) Mouse: (79) Human: (86) Chinchilla: (73) Bonobo: (74) Dog: (75) Squirrel: (73) Pig: (76)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
negative regulation of telomere maintenance +   
positive regulation of telomere maintenance +   
regulation of telomere maintenance +   
telomere capping +   
telomere maintenance in response to DNA damage +   
telomere maintenance via recombination +   
telomere maintenance via semi-conservative replication +   
telomere maintenance via telomere lengthening +   
Any process that contributes to the maintenance of proper telomeric length and structure by affecting and monitoring the activity of telomeric proteins and lengthening the telomeric DNA.
telomere maintenance via telomere trimming +   
telomeric loop disassembly +   
telomeric loop formation +   

Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:tb

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