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programmed cell death involved in cell development (GO:0010623)
Annotations: Rat: (18) Mouse: (19) Human: (18) Chinchilla: (17) Bonobo: (17) Dog: (18) Squirrel: (16) Pig: (18)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
apoptotic process +   
ascospore formation +  
ascospore release from ascus +  
autophagic cell death +   
bone cell development +   
cardiac cell development +   
cell aging +   
cell dedifferentiation +   
cell development +   
cell differentiation +   
cell fate commitment +   
cell fate determination +   
cell fate specification +   
cell maturation +   
cell morphogenesis involved in differentiation +   
cellular component morphogenesis +   
centrosomal and pronuclear rotation 
chlamydospore formation 
chondrocyte development +   
chorionic trophoblast cell development 
conidium development +  
corneocyte development +   
cornification +   
corticotropin hormone secreting cell development 
creation of an inductive signal +  
DCT cell development +  
developmental cell growth +   
donor selection +  
eosinophil differentiation +   
epithelial cell development +   
establishment of blood-brain barrier +   
establishment of blood-retinal barrier  
ferroptosis +   
germ cell development +   
glial cell development +   
granzyme-mediated programmed cell death signaling pathway +   
guard cell development +  
hemocyte development 
Hulle cell development +  
initiation of movement involved in cerebral cortex radial glia guided migration +   
juxtaglomerulus cell development +  
leaf pavement cell development 
mesangial cell development +   
mesenchymal cell development +   
metula development +  
mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization involved in programmed cell death +   
modulation by symbiont of host programmed cell death +   
muscle cell development +   
myeloid cell development +   
myoblast development +   
negative regulation by symbiont of host programmed cell death +   
negative regulation of cell development +   
negative regulation of programmed cell death +   
neuroblast development 
neuron development +   
notochord cell development +   
oenocyte development 
osteoblast development  
pancreatic E cell development 
phialide development +  
pigment cell development 
plant-type sporogenesis +  
pole cell development +  
positive regulation of cell development +   
positive regulation of programmed cell death +   
programmed cell death in response to reactive oxygen species +   
programmed cell death induced by symbiont +   
programmed cell death involved in cell development +   
The activation of endogenous cellular processes that result in the death of a cell as part of its development.
programmed necrotic cell death +   
prolactin secreting cell development 
proximal convoluted tubule segment 1 cell development 
pyroptosis +   
regulation of cell development +   
regulation of programmed cell death +   
renal interstitial fibroblast development +   
root hair cell development +  
sepal giant cell development 
somatotropin secreting cell development  
spore encystment +  
stem cell development +   
stomatal lineage progression +  

Broad Synonyms: developmental programmed cell death ;   programmed cell death involved in development
Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:mtg_apoptosis, GOC:tb

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