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secretion by cell +     
aspartate secretion +   
catecholamine secretion +   
exocytosis +   
extracellular matrix constituent secretion +   
glutamate secretion +   
glutamine secretion  
The controlled release of glutamine by a cell.
glycine secretion +   
L-glutamine import across plasma membrane +   
negative regulation of glutamine transport +   
negative regulation of secretion by cell +   
octopamine secretion +  
positive regulation of glutamine transport +   
positive regulation of secretion by cell +   
primary amine secretion +  
protein secretion +   
regulation of glutamine transport +   
regulation of secretion by cell +   
secretion by lung epithelial cell involved in lung growth  
secretion by the type IV secretion system +  
signal release +   

Definition Sources: PMID:15208395

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