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temperature compensation of the circadian clock (GO:0010378)
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cellular response to temperature stimulus  
detection of temperature stimulus +   
entrainment of circadian clock +   
negative regulation of circadian rhythm +   
positive regulation of circadian rhythm +   
regulation of circadian sleep/wake cycle +   
regulation of locomotor rhythm +   
response to cold +   
response to heat +   
temperature compensation of the circadian clock 
The process in which the circadian clock maintains robust and accurate timing over a broad range of physiological temperatures. The circadian clock is an endogenous 24-h timer found in most eukaryotes and in photosynthetic bacteria. The clock drives rhythms in the physiology, biochemistry, and metabolism of the organisms.
thermosensory behavior  

Related Synonyms: regulation of the circadian clock by temperature
Definition Sources: PMID:16617099

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