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specification of animal organ identity (GO:0010092)
Annotations: Rat: (43) Mouse: (43) Human: (43) Chinchilla: (42) Bonobo: (42) Dog: (42) Squirrel: (41) Pig: (42)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
regionalization +     
adaxial/abaxial pattern specification +   
anterior/posterior pattern specification +   
bud field specification 
centrolateral pattern formation +  
cerebral cortex regionalization  
chorion-containing eggshell pattern formation 
cuticle pattern formation +  
dorsal/ventral pattern formation +   
forebrain regionalization +   
formation of animal organ boundary +   
ground tissue pattern formation 
heart formation +   
imaginal disc pattern formation +  
imaginal disc-derived wing vein specification +  
left/right pattern formation +   
limb epidermis stratification +  
midbrain-hindbrain boundary initiation  
neural plate regionalization +   
neural tube patterning +   
pancreatic bud formation +  
periodic partitioning +  
petal epidermis patterning 
primary lung bud formation +   
pronephros formation +  
prostatic bud formation +   
proximal/distal pattern formation +   
R8 cell-mediated photoreceptor organization 
radial pattern formation +   
regionalization involved in semicircular canal formation 
regulation of animal organ formation +   
renal capsule specification +   
segmentation +   
specification of animal organ identity +   
The regionalization process in which the identity of an animal organ primordium is specified. Identity is considered to be the aggregate of characteristics by which a structure is recognized.
specification of animal organ position  
specification of ovule identity 
specification of plant organ identity +  
specification of plant organ number +  
specification of plant organ position 
spinal cord patterning +   
stomatal complex patterning +  
swim bladder formation 
telencephalon regionalization +   
trachea formation  
trichome patterning +  
tripartite regional subdivision +   
ventral midline determination  
vertebrate eye-specific patterning  
wing and notum subfield formation +  
xylem and phloem pattern formation +  

Definition Sources: GOC:tb

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