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plant-type secondary cell wall biogenesis (GO:0009834)
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cell plate formation involved in plant-type cell wall biogenesis 
cell wall pectin biosynthetic process +  
plant-type cell wall assembly +  
plant-type cell wall cellulose biosynthetic process +  
plant-type primary cell wall biogenesis 
plant-type secondary cell wall biogenesis +  
A cellular process that results in the biosynthesis of constituent macromolecules, assembly, and arrangement of constituent parts of inextensible cellulose- and pectin-containing cell walls that are formed between the plasma membrane and primary cell wall after cell expansion is complete. An example of this is found in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Exact Synonyms: cellulose and pectin-containing secondary cell wall biogenesis ;   secondary cell wall biogenesis
Broad Synonyms: secondary cell wall anabolism ;   secondary cell wall biosynthetic process ;   secondary cell wall formation ;   secondary cell wall synthesis
Definition Sources: GOC:lr, GOC:mtg_sensu

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