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detection of jasmonic acid stimulus (GO:0009754)
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cellular response to jasmonic acid stimulus +   
detection of calcium ion  
detection of cAMP 
detection of carbohydrate stimulus +   
detection of carbon dioxide +   
detection of chemical stimulus involved in sensory perception +   
detection of endogenous biotic stimulus 
detection of hormone stimulus +  
detection of hydrogen ion +  
detection of hypoxic conditions in blood by chemoreceptor signaling +   
detection of jasmonic acid stimulus 
The series of events in which a jasmonic acid stimulus is received by a cell and converted into a molecular signal. Series of events required for a jasmonic acid stimulus to be detected and converted to a signal molecule.
detection of misfolded protein 
detection of molecule of bacterial origin +   
detection of molecule of fungal origin  
detection of molecule of oomycetes origin 
detection of nodal flow  
detection of nuclear:cytoplasmic ratio 
detection of nutrient +  
detection of organic substance 
detection of oxygen +   
detection of pheromone 
detection of phosphate ion 
detection of redox state 
detection of salicylic acid stimulus 
detection of unfolded protein 
response to jasmonic acid stimulus involved in jasmonic acid and ethylene-dependent systemic resistance +  
soluble molecule recognition 

Related Synonyms: perception of jasmonic acid stimulus
Definition Sources: GOC:sm

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