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gibberellin biosynthetic process (GO:0009686)
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5alpha,9alpha,10beta-labda-8(20),13-dien-15-yl diphosphate biosynthetic process 
aromatic amino acid family biosynthetic process +   
branched-chain amino acid biosynthetic process +   
carboxylic acid biosynthetic process +   
chrysobactin biosynthetic process 
cis-abienol biosynthetic process 
coenzyme M biosynthetic process 
conidiogenone biosynthetic process 
copal-8-ol diphosphate(3-) biosynthetic process 
cspyrone B1 biosynthetic process 
diterpene phytoalexin biosynthetic process +  
endocrocin biosynthetic process +  
fumagillin biosynthetic process +  
fumonisin biosynthetic process +  
gerfelin biosynthetic process +  
gibberellin 12 metabolic process +  
gibberellin biosynthetic process +  
The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the formation of gibberellin. Gibberellins are a class of highly modified terpenes that function as plant growth regulators.
gibberellin catabolic process 
mannosylglycerate biosynthetic process 
methyl-branched fatty acid biosynthetic process +  
monensin A biosynthetic process 
monodictyphenone biosynthetic process +  
monounsaturated fatty acid biosynthetic process  
paclitaxel biosynthetic process 
phytol biosynthetic process +  
pyochelin biosynthetic process 
pyrrolysine biosynthetic process 
resolvin biosynthetic process +  
retinoic acid biosynthetic process +   
rhizobactin 1021 biosynthetic process 
sulfur amino acid biosynthetic process +   
taurine biosynthetic process +   
teichoic acid biosynthetic process +  
teichuronic acid biosynthetic process 
tensidol B biosynthetic process +  
tuberculosinol biosynthetic process 
vitamin A biosynthetic process  

Exact Synonyms: gibberellin biosynthesis
Narrow Synonyms: gibberellic acid anabolism ;   gibberellic acid biosynthesis ;   gibberellic acid biosynthetic process ;   gibberellic acid formation ;   gibberellic acid synthesis
Xrefs: MetaCyc:PWY-5035 ;   MetaCyc:PWY-5036 ;   MetaCyc:PWY-5052 ;   MetaCyc:PWY-5070
Definition Sources: ISBN:0387969845

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