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detection of symbiont (GO:0009602)
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acquisition of nutrients from symbiont +  
detection of bacterium +   
detection of fungus +   
detection of host 
detection of insect 
detection of nematode 
detection of oomycetes 
detection of protozoan 
detection of symbiont +  
The series of events in which a stimulus from a symbiont (an organism living in close physical association with an organism of a different species) is received and converted into a molecular signal. The symbiont is defined as the smaller of the organisms involved in a symbiotic interaction.
host response to induction by symbiont of tumor, nodule or growth in host 
killing by host of symbiont cells +   
lectin-induced modified bacterial internalization 
modulation by host of symbiont process +   
programmed cell death induced by symbiont +   
response to parasitic plant +  
response to symbiont defenses 
response to symbiotic bacterium +   
response to symbiotic fungus +  
translocation of molecules into symbiont +  

Exact Synonyms: recognition of symbiont
Related Synonyms: perception of symbiont
Alternate IDs: GO:0051855
Definition Sources: GOC:hb, ISBN:0198506732

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