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detection of light stimulus (GO:0009583)
Annotations: Rat: (51) Mouse: (58) Human: (75) Chinchilla: (43) Bonobo: (50) Dog: (54) Squirrel: (53) Pig: (52)
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cellular response to light stimulus +   
cone photoresponse recovery  
detection of electrical stimulus +  
detection of gravity +   
detection of humidity +  
detection of light stimulus +   
The series of events in which a light stimulus (in the form of photons) is received and converted into a molecular signal.
detection of mechanical stimulus +   
detection of osmotic stimulus 
detection of temperature stimulus +   
detection of wounding +   
energy quenching +  
photoperiodism +   
phototaxis +  
response to blue light +   
response to light intensity +   
response to red or far red light +   
response to UV +   
visual behavior +   

Exact Synonyms: detection of light
Related Synonyms: perception of light
Definition Sources: GOC:go_curators

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