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detection of external stimulus (GO:0009581)
Annotations: Rat: (146) Mouse: (151) Human: (173) Chinchilla: (127) Bonobo: (137) Dog: (139) Squirrel: (139) Pig: (142)
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cellular response to external stimulus +   
detection of abiotic stimulus +   
detection of activity +  
detection of biotic stimulus +   
detection of chemical stimulus +   
detection of endogenous stimulus +   
detection of external stimulus +   
The series of events in which an external stimulus is received by a cell and converted into a molecular signal.
detection of inactivity +  
detection of stimulus involved in sensory perception +   
entrainment of circadian clock +   
kinesis +   
negative regulation of response to external stimulus +   
pigment accumulation +   
polyphenic determination, influence by environmental factors +  
positive regulation of response to external stimulus +   
reflex +   
regulation of response to external stimulus +   
response to environmental enrichment  
response to external biotic stimulus +   
response to extracellular stimulus +   
response to mechanical stimulus +   
startle response +   
taxis +   
tropism +  

Related Synonyms: perception of external stimulus
Definition Sources: GOC:hb

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