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cytochrome b6f complex (GO:0009512)
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cytochrome complex +     
thylakoid +    
bacterial thylakoid +  
cytochrome b6f complex 
Complex that transfers electrons from reduced plastoquinone to oxidized plastocyanin and translocates protons from the stroma to the lumen. The complex contains a core structure of three catalytic subunits: cytochrome b, the Rieske iron sulfur protein (ISP), and cytochrome f, which are arranged in an integral membrane-bound dimeric complex; additional subunits are present, and vary among different species.
cytochrome o ubiquinol oxidase complex 
organellar chromatophore thylakoid +  
photosynthetic membrane +  
plastid thylakoid +  
respiratory chain complex III +   
respiratory chain complex IV +   
thylakoid lumen +  

Exact Synonyms: cyt b(6)f complex ;   cyt b6-f complex ;   cyt b6f complex ;   cytochrome b(6)f complex ;   cytochrome b6-f complex
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Cytochrome_b6f_complex
Definition Sources: ISBN:0943088399, PMID:16228398, PMID:16352458

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