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unidirectional conjugation (GO:0009291)
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DNA-mediated transformation +  
unidirectional conjugation +  
The process of unidirectional (polarized) transfer of genetic information involving direct cellular contact between a donor and recipient cell; the contact is followed by the formation of a cellular bridge that physically connects the cells. Some or all of the chromosome(s) of the donor cell is transferred into the recipient cell.

Synonyms: Not4Curation
Related Synonyms: bacterial conjugation
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Bacterial_conjugation
Only In Taxon: NCBITaxon:2 ! Bacteria ;   NCBITaxon:2 ! Prokaryota ;   NCBITaxon:2157 ! Archaea ;   NCBITaxon:2157 ! Prokaryota
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Bacterial_conjugation

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