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valine biosynthetic process (GO:0009099)
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1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate biosynthetic process 
3-cyano-L-alanine biosynthetic process 
4-hydroxyproline biosynthetic process 
aspartate family amino acid biosynthetic process +   
citrulline biosynthetic process +   
D-amino acid biosynthetic process +   
D-valine metabolic process +  
discadenine biosynthetic process 
erythrose 4-phosphate/phosphoenolpyruvate family amino acid biosynthetic process +  
glutamine family amino acid biosynthetic process +   
homocysteine biosynthetic process +  
isoleucine biosynthetic process +   
L-beta-ethynylserine biosynthetic process 
L-dopa biosynthetic process +   
L-propargylglycine biosynthetic process 
leucine biosynthetic process +   
N-alpha,N-alpha,N-alpha-trimethyl-L-histidine biosynthetic process +  
ornithine biosynthetic process  
phosphoarginine biosynthetic process 
pyruvate family amino acid biosynthetic process +  
sarcosine biosynthetic process 
serine family amino acid biosynthetic process +   
stachydrine biosynthetic process 
tryptophan biosynthetic process 
tyrosine biosynthetic process +   
valine biosynthetic process  
The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the formation of valine, 2-amino-3-methylbutanoic acid.
valine catabolic process +   

Exact Synonyms: valine anabolism ;   valine biosynthesis ;   valine formation ;   valine synthesis
Xrefs: MetaCyc:VALSYN-PWY
Definition Sources: GOC:ai

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