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imaginal disc morphogenesis (GO:0007560)
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branching morphogenesis of an epithelial tube +   
cibarial fish-trap bristle morphogenesis 
clypeo-labral disc development +  
determination of imaginal disc primordium +  
embryonic heart tube morphogenesis +   
endothelial tube morphogenesis +   
epithelial tube formation +   
eye-antennal disc development +  
genital disc development +  
haltere disc development +  
imaginal disc growth +  
imaginal disc morphogenesis +  
The process in which the anatomical structures derived from an imaginal disc are generated and organized. The imaginal discs are epithelial infoldings in the larvae of holometabolous insects that develop into adult appendages (legs, antennae, wings, etc.) during metamorphosis from larval to adult form.
imaginal disc pattern formation +  
labial disc development +  
larval midgut histolysis +  
leg disc development +  
mammary gland cord morphogenesis +  
mammary gland duct morphogenesis +   
metanephric tubule morphogenesis +   
nephric duct morphogenesis +   
otic vesicle morphogenesis +   
post-embryonic eye morphogenesis +   
post-embryonic genitalia morphogenesis +  
prothoracic disc development +  
renal tubule morphogenesis +   
salivary gland histolysis +  
wing disc development +  

Exact Synonyms: imaginal disc metamorphosis
Alternate IDs: GO:0007452
Definition Sources: GOC:jid

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