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skeletal muscle tissue development (GO:0007519)
Annotations: Rat: (206) Mouse: (225) Human: (216) Chinchilla: (196) Bonobo: (197) Dog: (203) Squirrel: (193) Pig: (201)
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cardiac muscle tissue development +   
diaphragm development +   
extraocular skeletal muscle development +   
muscle attachment +   
negative regulation of striated muscle tissue development +   
positive regulation of striated muscle tissue development +   
pulmonary myocardium development  
regulation of striated muscle tissue development +   
skeletal muscle tissue development +   
The developmental sequence of events leading to the formation of adult skeletal muscle tissue. The main events are: the fusion of myoblasts to form myotubes that increase in size by further fusion to them of myoblasts, the formation of myofibrils within their cytoplasm and the establishment of functional neuromuscular junctions with motor neurons. At this stage they can be regarded as mature muscle fibers.
somitomeric trunk muscle development +  

Related Synonyms: myogenesis
Alternate IDs: GO:0048637
Definition Sources: GOC:mtg_muscle

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