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histoblast morphogenesis (GO:0007488)
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cell morphogenesis involved in conjugation with cellular fusion +  
cell morphogenesis involved in differentiation +   
cell projection morphogenesis +   
clypeo-labral disc morphogenesis +  
establishment of bipolar cell polarity involved in cell morphogenesis  
eye-antennal disc morphogenesis +  
genital disc morphogenesis +  
haltere disc morphogenesis +  
histoblast morphogenesis +  
The process in which the anatomical structures derived from the histoblast disc are generated and organized. This includes the transformation of histoblast cells into adult structures during pupal metamorphosis. Histoblast cells are cells founded in the embryo that are the progenitors to the adult abdomen.
imaginal disc eversion 
imaginal disc fusion +  
labial disc morphogenesis +  
leg disc morphogenesis +  
morphogenesis of larval imaginal disc epithelium +  
prothoracic disc morphogenesis 
regulation of cell morphogenesis +   
unidimensional cell growth +   
wing disc morphogenesis +  

Exact Synonyms: histoblast metamorphosis
Definition Sources: GOC:bf, ISBN:0879694238

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