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anterior/posterior pattern specification, imaginal disc (GO:0007448)
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anterior region determination 
anterior/posterior axis specification +   
anterior/posterior pattern specification involved in kidney development +   
anterior/posterior pattern specification, imaginal disc +  
The establishment, maintenance and elaboration of the anterior/posterior axis of the imaginal disc. Imaginal discs are epithelial infoldings in the larvae of holometabolous insects that rapidly develop into adult appendages during metamorphosis from larval to adult form.
compartment pattern specification +   
dorsal/ventral pattern formation, imaginal disc +  
embryonic heart tube anterior/posterior pattern specification +   
forebrain anterior/posterior pattern specification  
foregut regionalization +   
genital disc pattern formation +  
imaginal disc lineage restriction +  
leg disc pattern formation +  
neural plate anterior/posterior regionalization +   
periodic partitioning by pair rule gene 
posterior abdomen determination +  
proximal/distal pattern formation, imaginal disc +  
rostrocaudal neural tube patterning +   
somitogenesis +   
spinal cord anterior/posterior patterning +   
thorax and anterior abdomen determination +   
wing disc pattern formation +  

Definition Sources: GOC:bf, ISBN:0879694238

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