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acrosome reaction +   
The discharge, by sperm, of a single, anterior secretory granule following the sperm's attachment to the zona pellucida of the oocyte. The process begins with the fusion of the outer acrosomal membrane with the sperm plasma membrane and ends with the exocytosis of the acrosomal contents into the zona pellucida.
asexual reproduction +  
centrosomal and pronuclear rotation 
developmental process involved in reproduction +   
egg activation +   
embryo implantation +   
female pronucleus assembly  
fertilization +   
fusion of sperm to egg plasma membrane involved in single fertilization +   
male pronucleus assembly +   
mating plug formation  
meiotic cell cycle +   
meiotic cell cycle process +   
meiotic drive 
multi-organism reproductive process +   
multicellular organismal reproductive process +   
negative regulation of reproductive process +   
ovulation cycle process +   
parasexual reproduction with cellular fusion 
penetration of cumulus oophorus  
penetration of zona pellucida  
pollination +  
positive regulation of flagellated sperm motility involved in capacitation  
positive regulation of reproductive process +   
premature acrosome loss +  
pronuclear envelope synthesis +  
pronuclear fusion  
pronuclear migration 
regulation of reproductive process +   
reproductive process in single-celled organism +  
respiratory burst at fertilization 
sexual reproduction +   
sperm aster formation 
sperm entry  
sperm motility +   
sperm plasma membrane disassembly 
sperm-egg recognition +   
spore dispersal 

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Definition Sources: GOC:dph, PMID:11175768, PMID:21042299, PMID:3886029

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