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acquisition of seed longevity 
adenohypophysis development +   
adrenal cortex development +   
aerial mycelium formation 
ammon gyrus development  
amygdala development  
amyloid-beta clearance +   
analia development +  
anatomical structure maturation +   
anatomical structure morphogenesis +   
animal organ development +   
antennal joint development +  
anterior cibarial plate development +  
anterior midgut development 
anterior rotation of the optic cup 
anther development +  
anther wall tapetum development +  
apoptotic process involved in development +   
appendage development +   
ascending aorta development +   
atrioventricular canal development +   
beak development +  
behavior +   
blastocyst development +   
blood vessel development +   
brainstem development +   
bud dormancy process 
caecum development 
callus formation 
cardiac chamber development +   
cardiac septum development +   
cell activation +   
cell development +   
central canal development 
central complex development 
cerebellar cortex development +   
cerebellar granular layer development +   
cerebellar molecular layer development +   
cerebellar Purkinje cell layer development +   
cerebellum development +   
cerebral cortex development +   
cingulate gyrus development 
circadian regulation of heart rate +  
cloaca development +   
clypeus development +  
coagulation +   
cochlea development +   
compound eye corneal lens development +  
conidiophore stalk development +  
cornea development in camera-type eye +   
corpora quadrigemina development +   
corpus callosum development +   
cortical collecting duct development +   
cranial skeletal system development +   
cupula development +  
cuticle development +   
cutin-based cuticle development +  
cytokine production +   
deltoid tuberosity development  
dendrite development +   
dendritic spine development +   
dentate gyrus development  
dermatome development +   
descending aorta development +   
descending thin limb development +   
determination of adult lifespan  
diencephalon development +   
digestion +   
dorsal spinal cord development +   
ectodermal placode development +   
embryonic heart tube elongation  
endocardium development +   
endocrine pancreas development +   
epistomal sclerite development +  
epithalamus development +   
esophagus development 
extraembryonic membrane development +   
eyelid development in camera-type eye  
face development +   
floor plate development +   
floral whorl development +  
forebrain development +   
forebrain-midbrain boundary formation  
fourth ventricle development  
fruit replum development 
fruit valve development 
fungiform papilla development +   
germ tube formation +  
germ-line cyst encapsulation +  
glomerular basement membrane development +   
glomerulus development +   
glomus development 
habenula development  
hair follicle development +   
hard palate development  
head development +   
heart valve development +   
hindbrain development +   
hippocampus development +   
hypothalamus development +   
inferior colliculus development  
inner ear development +   
inner stripe development 
innervation +   
insect visual primordium development +  
intermediate reticular formation development 
juxtaglomerular apparatus development +   
keratinization +   
Kupffer's vesicle development 
labrum development +  
labyrinthine layer development +   
lateral ventricle development  
left horn of sinus venosus development 
lens development in camera-type eye +   
lung alveolus development +   
lung lobe development +   
lung saccule development +   
lymph vessel development +   
mammary gland alveolus development +   
mammary gland lobule development +   
mammillary axonal complex development +   
mammillary body development +   
mammillotectal axonal tract development 
mammillotegmental axonal tract development 
mammillothalamic axonal tract development  
maternal placenta development +   
medulla oblongata development +   
medullary reticular formation development +   
megagametogenesis +  
meristem determinacy +  
meristem maintenance +  
mesendoderm development +   
metencephalon development +   
microgametogenesis +  
midbrain development +   
midbrain-hindbrain boundary development +   
midbrain-hindbrain boundary maturation during brain development  
midbrain-hindbrain boundary maturation during neural plate development 
molting cycle +   
molting cycle process +   
morphogenesis of a branching structure +   
multi-multicellular organism process +   
multicellular organism adhesion +  
multicellular organism development +   
The biological process whose specific outcome is the progression of a multicellular organism over time from an initial condition (e.g. a zygote or a young adult) to a later condition (e.g. a multicellular animal or an aged adult).
multicellular organism growth +   
multicellular organism reproduction +   
multicellular organismal movement +   
multicellular organismal response to stress +   
multicellular organismal-level homeostasis +   
muscle attachment +   
muscle structure development +   
mushroom body development 
myotome development +   
nail development +   
nectary development 
negative regulation of multicellular organismal process +   
nephron development +   
nephrostome development 
nerve development +   
neural nucleus development +   
neural retina development +   
neurotrophin production +   
nipple development +   
notum development +  
olfactory bulb development +   
olfactory bulb mitral cell layer development  
olfactory cortex development  
olfactory lobe development +   
olfactory pit development  
optic chiasma development  
orbitofrontal cortex development +   
organ growth +   
organism emergence from protective structure +   
ossification +   
otolith development +   
otolith tethering 
outer stripe development 
ovarian follicle development +   
palisade mesophyll development 
pallium development +   
parahippocampal gyrus development 
parietal peritoneum development 
pattern specification process +   
pharynx development +   
photoreceptor cell maintenance  
pigment accumulation in tissues +   
plant organ development +  
plant septum development +  
plasma lipoprotein particle clearance +   
plasma lipoprotein particle organization +   
pollen germination 
pollen tube development +  
polyphenic determination +  
pons development +   
positive regulation of multicellular organismal process +   
post-embryonic development +   
posterior cibarial plate development +  
posterior midgut development  
primary growth 
production of molecular mediator involved in inflammatory response +   
progression of morphogenetic furrow involved in compound eye morphogenesis 
pronephric sinus development 
prostate glandular acinus development +   
pseudocleavage +  
pupariation +  
pyramid development +  
rectal diverticulum development 
regeneration +   
regulation of multicellular organismal process +   
renal cortex development +   
renal inner medulla development  
renal outer medulla development +   
reproductive structure development +   
respiratory gaseous exchange by respiratory system +   
response to high population density 
retina development in camera-type eye +   
rhombomere development +   
right horn of sinus venosus development 
roof of mouth development +   
root cap development 
scab formation 
sclerotium development +  
secretion by tissue +   
seed coat development +  
seed dormancy process +  
seed germination +  
serous membrane development +  
sleep +   
socially cooperative development +  
soft palate development  
spinal cord development +   
stamen filament development 
stem cell population maintenance +   
stigma development 
stipule development 
stomach development +   
stomium development 
striatum development +   
style development 
subpallium development +   
substantia propria of cornea development  
substrate mycelium formation 
subthalamus development +   
superior colliculus development 
superior reticular formation development 
superior temporal gyrus development  
suspensor development 
system development +   
system process +   
telencephalon development +   
thalamus development +   
third ventricle development  
tissue development +   
tissue migration +   
tissue remodeling +   
tooth eruption  
trachea submucosa development +   
transcytosis +   
tube development +   
umbilical cord development +   
vascular cord development 
ventral midline development +   
ventral spinal cord development +   
ventral tegmental area development 
vibrational conductance of sound to the inner ear 
visceral peritoneum development 
visceral serous pericardium development  
yolk syncytial layer development 

Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:ems, GOC:isa_complete, GOC:tb

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