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cell wall integrity MAPK cascade +  
filamentous growth MAPK cascade 
JNK cascade +   
An intracellular protein kinase cascade containing at least a JNK (a MAPK), a JNKK (a MAPKK) and a JUN3K (a MAP3K). The cascade can also contain an additional tier: the upstream MAP4K. The kinases in each tier phosphorylate and activate the kinases in the downstream tier to transmit a signal within a cell.
negative regulation of stress-activated MAPK cascade +   
osmosensory signaling MAPK cascade +  
p38MAPK cascade +   
positive regulation of stress-activated MAPK cascade +   
regulation of stress-activated MAPK cascade +   
spore wall assembly MAPK cascade 

Exact Synonyms: c-Jun N-terminal kinase cascade
Narrow Synonyms: JNK1 cascade ;   JNK2 cascade ;   JNK3 cascade ;   MAPK10 cascade ;   MAPK8 cascade ;   MAPK9 cascade
Broad Synonyms: SAPK cascade ;   stress-activated protein kinase cascade
Definition Sources: GOC:bf, GOC:signaling, PMID:11790549, PMID:20811974

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