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activation of adenylate cyclase activity (GO:0007190)
Annotations: Rat: (19) Mouse: (25) Human: (36) Chinchilla: (13) Bonobo: (14) Dog: (15) Squirrel: (14) Pig: (19)
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activation of adenylate cyclase activity  
Any process that initiates the activity of the inactive enzyme adenylate cyclase.
modulation of catalytic activity in other organism involved in symbiotic interaction +   
negative regulation of catalytic activity +   
positive regulation of catalytic activity +   
regulation of cyclase activity +   
regulation of helicase activity +   
regulation of histone demethylase activity (H3-K4 specific) +  
regulation of hydrolase activity +   
regulation of isomerase activity +   
regulation of ligase activity +   
regulation of lyase activity +   
regulation of oxidoreductase activity +   
regulation of transferase activity +   

Exact Synonyms: adenylate cyclase activation ;   adenylyl cyclase activation
Related Synonyms: adenylate cyclase activator
Definition Sources: GOC:ai

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