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meiosis I +     
achiasmate meiosis I 
dynein-driven meiotic oscillatory nuclear movement +  
female meiosis chromosome segregation +   
female meiosis I +   
The cell cycle process in which the first meiotic division occurs in the female germline.
female meiosis II +   
female meiosis sister chromatid cohesion  
homologous chromosome segregation +   
male meiosis I +   
meiosis I nuclear membrane disassembly 
meiosis I nuclear membrane reassembly 
meiotic sister chromatid arm separation +  
meiotic sister chromatid cohesion involved in meiosis I  
negative regulation of meiosis I +  
polar body extrusion after meiotic divisions  
positive regulation of meiosis I  
reciprocal meiotic recombination +   
regulation of meiosis I +   
spindle assembly involved in female meiosis +   

Exact Synonyms: female meiosis I nuclear division
Definition Sources: GOC:mah

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