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female meiotic nuclear division +   
male meiotic nuclear division +   
meiosis I +   
meiosis II +   
The second nuclear division of meiosis, in which the two chromatids in each chromosome are separated, resulting in four daughter nuclei from the two nuclei produced in meiosis II.
meiosis II cytokinesis 
meiotic chromosome segregation +   
meiotic spindle assembly +   
meiotic spindle midzone assembly  
metaphase/anaphase transition of meiosis II +  
negative regulation of meiotic nuclear division +   
positive regulation of meiotic nuclear division +   
regulation of meiotic nuclear division +   

Exact Synonyms: meiosis II nuclear division
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Meiosis#Meiosis_II
Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:mah, ISBN:0198547684

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