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female meiotic nuclear division +   
G2/MI transition of meiotic cell cycle +   
karyosome formation +  
male meiotic nuclear division +   
meiosis I +   
The first meiotic nuclear division in which homologous chromosomes are paired and segregated from each other, producing two haploid daughter nuclei.
meiosis I cytokinesis 
meiosis II +   
meiotic chromosome segregation +   
meiotic DNA double-strand break formation +   
meiotic DNA recombinase assembly +   
meiotic DNA repair synthesis +   
meiotic gene conversion +   
meiotic heteroduplex formation 
meiotic mismatch repair +   
meiotic spindle assembly +   
meiotic spindle midzone assembly  
meiotic strand displacement +  
meiotic strand invasion +   
metaphase/anaphase transition of meiosis I +   
negative regulation of meiotic nuclear division +   
positive regulation of meiotic nuclear division +   
regulation of meiotic nuclear division +   
resolution of meiotic recombination intermediates  

Exact Synonyms: meiosis I nuclear division
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Meiosis#Meiosis_I
Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:jl, GOC:mtg_cell_cycle, PMID:9334324

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