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calcium ion import into sarcoplasmic reticulum +   
clathrin-dependent synaptic vesicle endocytosis  
COPII-coated vesicle cargo loading +   
cytoplasmic streaming 
cytoskeleton-dependent intracellular transport +   
cytosol to endoplasmic reticulum transport +   
cytosolic transport +   
endoplasmic reticulum to chloroplast transport +  
endoplasmic reticulum to cytosol transport +   
endoplasmic reticulum to Golgi vesicle-mediated transport +   
endosomal transport +   
endosome to pigment granule transport +   
establishment of centrosome localization  
establishment of chromosome localization +   
establishment of ER localization +   
establishment of Golgi localization  
establishment of mitochondrion localization +   
establishment of plastid localization +  
establishment of spindle localization +   
establishment of vesicle localization +   
Golgi to secretory granule transport  
Golgi to transport vesicle transport  
intracellular lipid transport +   
intracellular nucleoside transport 
intracellular protein transport +   
maintenance of nucleus location +   
mast cell degranulation +   
negative regulation of intracellular transport +   
nuclear migration +   
The directed movement of the nucleus to a specific location within a cell.
nuclear transport +   
nurse cell nucleus anchoring 
oocyte nucleus localization involved in oocyte dorsal/ventral axis specification +  
organelle transport along microtubule +   
peroxisomal transport +   
positive regulation of intracellular transport +   
receptor-mediated endocytosis involved in cholesterol transport +   
regulation of intracellular transport +   
ribosomal subunit export from nucleus +   
symbiont-mediated perturbation of host intracellular transport +  
synaptic vesicle budding from endosome  
synaptic vesicle recycling via endosome +   
vacuolar transport +   

Exact Synonyms: establishment of position of nucleus ;   nuclear movement ;   nuclear positioning ;   nucleus migration ;   nucleus positioning ;   positioning of nucleus
Related Synonyms: establishment of cell nucleus localization ;   establishment of localization of nucleus ;   establishment of nucleus localisation ;   establishment of nucleus localization
Alternate IDs: GO:0040023
Definition Sources: GOC:ai

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