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substrate-dependent cell migration, cell contraction (GO:0006932)
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cell migration involved in gastrulation +   
cell-matrix adhesion involved in ameboidal cell migration +   
cytoplasmic actin-based contraction involved in forward cell motility 
cytoplasmic actin-based contraction involved in rearward cell motility 
epithelial cell migration +   
establishment of cell polarity involved in ameboidal cell migration +   
extracellular matrix-dependent thymocyte migration +   
fibroblast migration +   
initiation of movement involved in cerebral cortex radial glia guided migration +   
lamellipodium assembly involved in ameboidal cell migration +   
mesenchymal cell migration +   
mesodermal cell migration +   
negative regulation of cell adhesion involved in substrate-bound cell migration +   
neural crest cell migration +   
substrate-dependent cell migration, cell attachment to substrate +   
substrate-dependent cell migration, cell contraction  
The translocation of the cell body forward during cell migration, mediated by tractional force on its substrate and tension in the cortical cytoskeleton. Adhesions transmit propulsive forces and serve as traction points over which the cell moves.
substrate-dependent cell migration, cell extension  
substrate-dependent cerebral cortex tangential migration +   
trophoblast cell migration +   

Exact Synonyms: substrate-bound cell migration, cell contraction
Definition Sources: ISBN:0815316194, PMID:11944043, PMID:14657486

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