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substrate-dependent cell migration, cell attachment to substrate (GO:0006931)
Annotations: Rat: (6) Mouse: (6) Human: (5) Chinchilla: (5) Bonobo: (5) Dog: (5) Squirrel: (5) Pig: (5)
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cell adhesion involved in biofilm formation +  
cell-abiotic substrate adhesion  
cell-matrix adhesion +   
cell-matrix adhesion involved in tangential migration using cell-cell interactions 
extracellular matrix-dependent thymocyte migration +   
interneuron-substratum interaction involved in interneuron migration from the subpallium to the cortex 
negative regulation of cell adhesion involved in substrate-bound cell migration +   
negative regulation of cell-substrate adhesion +   
positive regulation of cell-substrate adhesion +   
regulation of cell-substrate adhesion +   
substrate adhesion-dependent cell spreading +   
substrate-dependent cell migration, cell attachment to substrate +   
The formation of adhesions that stabilize protrusions at the leading edge of a migrating cell; involves integrin activation, clustering, and the recruitment of structural and signaling components to nascent adhesions.
substrate-dependent cell migration, cell contraction  
substrate-dependent cell migration, cell extension  
substrate-dependent cerebral cortex tangential migration +   

Exact Synonyms: substrate-bound cell migration, cell attachment to substrate
Definition Sources: ISBN:0815316194, PMID:11944043, PMID:14657486

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